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Benefits of Lighting Control By RF+GPRS

Remotely Monitor and Control Street Lights

Reduce power consumption, maintenance costs and environmental impact

Streetlights are a major source of revenue drain for all cities and if not properly maintained, can result in lot of inconvenience to the citizens. Also, streetlights, if left ON for long times, can adversely impact the environment. LightingGale is CIMCON's solution to all the above problems. It is a total centralized street light management solution that is powerful yet economical enough to provide quite ROI based on the following:

* Reduce energy costs by as much as 40% or more

* Reduce maintenance costs by as much as 50 % or more

* Low cost Wireless control

* Energy Monitoring

* Increased bulb life

* Sun-set / Sun-rise based ON/OFF schedule

* Powerful web based software with GPS mapping

* Powerful Asset Management with complete and accurate streetlight inventory

* Extensive reports on the performance and energy savings

CIMCON offers several products to address the specific needs and budgets of different agencies. These products range from extremely low cost controllers that can replace digital timers on individual poles to complete streetlight systems that control power to a large group of streetlights as shown below.


Operating System in a Nutshell

* A controller is installed in the existing panel that controls the streetlights as per position of the AUTO/Manual switch.

* Energy meter for measuring power of the lighting point is integrated with the controller.

* Irrespective of the position of the AUTO/Manual switch, the controller monitors and sends a detailed report of all streetlights and sends alarms to the central Monitor Station.

* The controller is programmed for scheduling of the streetlight control for different seasons of the year.

* The central Monitoring Station is programmed to remotely switch ON/OFF, change schedules and generate reports on daily / monthly / yearly / event basis.

* The controller sends SMS and alarm (in case of GSM option) on the following events:

oInput Power Failure / Input Power Normal

oOutput Power Failure / Output Power Normal

oNeutral break / normalized

Low Cost Wireless Street Light Pole Controller

iSLC-10 is an intelligent wireless controller that is economical enough to be used on individual streetlight poles for remote operations using state-of-the-art mesh networking. Each iSLC-10 provides 3 digital inputs and 1 digital output with inbuilt RF module that can be used as a repeater, router or transmitter of the RF signal from other wireless nodes representing street light poles. GSM communication is also available as an option.

Salient Features

* Wireless Technology | LightingGale utilizes the latest developments in wireless technology and employs RF/GSM technology to program, monitor and control geographically distributed remote streetlights.

* Monitor | The groups of street lights are equipped with communication modules and energy monitoring modules which updates the Master Control Station (MCS) as per programmed frequency.

* Control | The street lighting system can be switched on or off based on selected group of light poles and the switching time can be programmed on daily / monthly / yearly basis. The programming can be set as per change in nightfall schedule throughout the year.

* Alarm Call Service | The system can generate and send SMS to the concerned authority on occurrence of any programmed event with exact time stamping in case of GSM option.

* Fault Monitoring | In case of abnormal situation, the remote terminal unit automatically generates alarm messages and sends them to MCS and pre-designated mobile handsets. In case of GSM option, the message contains detailed data on the fault(s) with exact time stamp.

* Dimming of lights | LightingGale can be programmed to dim the street lights at late night to reduce energy consumption. It also offers facility to program the RTU to switch on-off as alternate groups of street lights.

* Burning hours | The burning hours of lamps in group of light pole can be computed with good certainty and maintenance / replacement can be planned accordingly.

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